​​​​Founded by Norwegian fashion designer Christine Smith Egeland, the London based label ‘Stina Smith’ empowers a woman to look and feel as exquisite as she aspires to be. Renowned for daring silhouettes and feminine cuts, Stina Smith’s most recent collection combines Old Hollywood grace with very clear and distinct avant-garde style that is often dark and romantic. Embellished with delicate details, the brand includes styles designed to highlight and accentuate a woman’s body, gently utilizing fabrics that exude a composed sophistication.

 I envisioned Stina Smith as a brand that values and uncovers the qualities of the feminine; a unifier of vulnerability and power. Stina Smith unapologetically symbolizes what it is to be womanly, while depicting conceptual and thought provoking ideas.” - Christine Smith Egeland

“Similarly unafraid is Christine - she's the most originally fearless student designer I've seen in a very long time.”

- Claire Meadows, After Nyne Magazine


Regent's Bloomsbury Fashion Award 2016


 ‘Unquiet mind’ – September 2016, Fashions Finest, London Fashion Week
This collection depicts a thought-provoking concept, in hopes of triggering a deeper thinking within the audience. This collection portrays the human psyche and the emotional aspect of anxiety as one tries to find their identity and place in the world. It represents the notion of the social restrictions forced upon us. One is often made to fit into a preconceived idea of how to be and how to live, in order to be perfect on all aspects of life. Thus, making this collection a more personal approach in self discovery and unmolding society’s perception. 



Katie Levine

Edvin Datoc

Shahid Bashir

​Luca Latrofa

Alex Kie

Andrew Clifton-Brown

​Simon Morris

Peter Whitfield

Mark Keane

Laura Flora Harding

​Kamesh Murali

Music & Film:

​Kyan Kuatois

​Alice Thompson 

Shane Sigler